Creating Opportunities to Change Lives and Nations

Returning to Ancient Paths

Native Americans were led here by God, His original stewards of this land. They were self-sufficient until the Europeans came, then wars began. The U.S. government initiated treaties with the tribes, took their lands in exchange for menial provisions and moved them onto reservations where they experienced much hardship under government control. Here we find the root of injustice and oppression in America.

Restoring Foundations

Indian Nations are still the most federally regulated peoples in America making them dependent on government. Some tribes have found their way into prosperity. However, other tribes, rich with natural resources that they cannot develop, are still the most poverty stricken in the nation. Government overreach begins in Indian country.

Building for Future Generations

Where do we go from here? To answer that let’s go to the Creator Who led them here. In doing so He had a plan to bring them into their destiny of abundant life in Him. Now how can we partner with the Lord and Indian nations to restore them back to His original purpose and position in America? Healing and restoration for America begins with the Indian nations.

Est. 1992

Native American Resource Network is partnering with God and with Native Americans to see Indian Nations restored to God's original plan and purpose.

Ministry of Reconciliation

Today racism is a political buzz word stirring up old wounds and emotions that many times ignite evil actions. I think how far we have come from the reconciliation movement in the 90’s. I remember God revealing His heart for Native Americans to me in 1987, how grieved He was over all the injustices and atrocities committed against them and how He wanted them healed and restored to His original plan and purposes in this nation.

All God asked of me was to pray until 1992. Then He said go to the government, city of Denver and state and offer them the opportunity to apologize to the first peoples of this land. We brought together tribal and state government leaders, pastors, and business leaders. This Reconciliation Ceremony made an impact on all who attended.

All through the 90’s we saw Native Americans start to experience healing and white people begin to see American history as God sees it. We begin networking native and white leaders to work together for the cause of Christ. Even some natives from different tribes reconciled their years of offenses toward one another.

Reconciliation Throughout The Nations

Reconciliation spread throughout the nations. Several times we were involved with Canadians and First Nations reconciliation initiatives. An Aborigine man from Australia and some Māori from New Zealand heard what we were doing and came here to visit with us about this movement. In addition, we had letters from Malaysia, Brazil and Peru, people who had read The Reconciler, our publication, and started to work toward reconciliation between people groups. God would say to me often He wanted the people to know how He felt about it, that He was requiring us to acknowledge these wrongdoings and repent – first be reconciled to God.

In 1994 I stood before the National Congress of American Indians with a pastor friend and repented for the atrocities and injustices committed against Native American. I presented a beautiful hand carved eagle and plaque to NCIA President Gaiashkibos and asked for forgiveness, he immediately said, “We forgive.” One tribal leader stood up and said, “This is the beginning of our healing.” Following the Congress, God opened doors to many tribes for me to take the message of reconciliation. They graciously received me, and I thank God for His favor.

What to Do Now?

What are we to do now in America’s racism environment? John Dawson said in Healing America’s Wounds, “God is looking for the depth of our obedience, we must forsake hatred seek healing between factions and do justice now, regardless of the cost.” It is time to represent Jesus knowing His heart and acting in the opposite spirit of the world. God our Creator is the only one who has the right to determine the value of people not government, schools, or special interest groups. There is no partiality with God. (Romans 2:11)

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Declaration of Independence

Bringing Hope & Change to a Generation

We want to equip the Native American people with everything they need to raise up a new generation of entrepreneurs and leaders. We want to help them identify opportunities within their community to give young people hope and a future.
Would you please consider partnering financially with us to make this goal a reality.

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Helping where needed

More than financial aid, our friends on the reservations need training and mentorship.

Consider these facts and how you could be a part of impacting one or more families to create lasting legacy within the the Native American people.

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