Native American Resource Network is partnering with God and with Native Americans to see Indian Nations restored to God's original plan and purpose.

Since 1992 NARN has networked native and non-natives Christian leaders to help break racial barriers, provide resources and strengthen the church of America. Moving into restoration, NARN is now networking with business leaders to help bring economic development to Indian nations.

Three Generations of Leadership

Jean Steffenson, Founder/President

Jean began her ministry of prayer in 1972. She started teaching and gathering people to pray in 1978. Later she started working with national and international prayer ministries to mobilize intercessors and pastors throughout Colorado. Jean attended Wagner Leadership Institute where she received her Doctorate.

In 1987 the Lord revealed His heart for Native Americans to Jean. In 1992 she founded the Reconciliation Coalition and later changed the name to Native American Resource Network. She has worked with Native American leaders and other national and international leaders to promote reconciliation and resource restoration in Indian nations.

Jean sees it as a blessing from God to have three generations working together. She lives in Centennial, Colorado with her husband Virgil.


Rick Snyder, Vice President

Rick started working with his mother-in-law, Jean Steffenson in 1992, helping with the initial reconciliation ceremony held at Confluence Park in Denver, Colorado. Rick became a personal assistant to Jean which included traveling to several reservations. He also served as Director of Historical Research.

Rick has had a varied career path that has included active-duty service in the US Navy, working as a stone cutter, welder, aerospace painter, floor supervisor, business owner and finally over 20 years as the corporate property manager, responsible for all government-owned property for a large government contractor, retiring in 2018.  He has traveled all over the United States and the world in his role as a corporate property manager.  Since his retirement, God has moved on Rick’s heart to take a more active and forward role in NARN.  He continues to support Jean as the ministry expands and will network with Native and non-Native leaders and pastors in obedience to God’s calling.

Rick lives in Centennial, Colorado and has been married to Jean’s daughter Linda for over 45 years.  They have two married daughters, Jessica and Cassie who are involved in the ministry as executive director and as an intercessor, two grandsons and one granddaughter.


Jessica Kiser, Executive Director

Jessica’s first trip to a reservation was at the age of 13 with her dad (Rick) and grandmother (Jean). This is where the seed was planted that began the journey to see Native people set free and thriving in their land.  Jessica’s heart grew for the Native people as she traveled with her grandmother to many reservations and Native American camp meetings. Throughout the years Jessica’s love for the Native people has remained strong.

God has developed an aptitude for business within Jessica that has given her the drive to see Native American businesses flourish in Indian country. She has worked in the corporate world for the past 16 years in which she has established skills and business acumen to help drive the Native American Resource Network vision forward.

Jessica currently lives in Colorado with her husband and two children.

Working with the Navajo Nation

Our team is working with The Dine people right now that live in the Navajo Nation on the reservation(s) in the Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona area.